Ritchie Design

Ritchie Design

Graphics & Art Direction

Ritchie Design

Graphics & Art Direction

Diaries, Health, Property, Polo, Fashion, Film, Food, Furniture, Jewellery, Marquees, Magazines, marketing…

Branding, Website and Brochures

Branding, Website, Newsletters, Social media campaigns

Branding, Website, Stationary and Signage

identity, packaging, advertising & website

Identity, Stationery, Corporate Branding & Website

Branding, Website and Launch

Branding, Website, Brochure and Signage

Website for Art Dealers in Mayfair

Website for an app that connects people within a building workplace.

Identity, website & stationery

Identity & website

identity, stationery & website


book documenting the history from 1907 to present day

website & stationery

CD & book covers

Personal images